Spring is here , Love Spring , was some what tired of the cold there for a while.

So happy that Spring is here, love Spring , new leaves on the trees and birds singing! It is so refreshing. I know that things are tough out there , but  I made a change in my life, with the support of God and family. I will be at the studio full time and I look forward in being there. Hope that things will change soon and everybody will be doing better.

In the meantime if you have any questions about photography please call me at the studio and Alena is here as well. If we can help in any way lets us know.

This July I'm planning on going to Washington DC, to see my grandkids and my son Ryan and Cal and I are going to New York to see Yankee stadium, yes I know, being a Red Sox fan it is difficult. But I love base ball , so I look at it as viewing a part of baseball history. We are hitting Cooperstown as well, can't wait for that.   Spring Training was wonderful got to  a few games, managed to spend some time with my friends in attempting to get autographs, did OK.

Well if you have a comment please let us know and look forward in hearing from you, many blessing, Sam

Fun in the studio with Rylee & Kassie

Girls just whant to have fun!!!!!!


Couple of natural model.


How beautiful!!!!!

Washington DC Family Visit


Cal is ready for a of baseball at the Nationals, Cal is just three years old.   



Rylee is my granddaughter, she loves flowers,



My daughter in law and granddaughter in Alexandria   




 Cal getting ready for Saturday baseball practice, he Loves baseball     



A visit to the American Museum of history, my son admiring the Berlin Wall.



 Metal beams from the twin towers , heart wreching just to look at the




Rylee having her snack in a rainy day in DC 



 Cal loves Teddy at the Nationals park and the mascot of the Nationals.




 Here is Grandma holding Cal just before game time, He loves Ryan Zimmerman their 3rd baseman.



 Cal is intense when looking at the Presidents at the



 Cal got to run the bases after the ball game boy is he fast!!!  



Three generations ,  Ryan is stationed in Washington DC , we had not gone to DC for 33 years, it was our first time back since we left there, we all love baseball!! Rain or shine or cold!!

Wedding Dress


Alena photographed this dress in Paris

Imagine this dress on a bride, how beautiful would it be!!!



Upper Dress


Family Photoshot


We really had a good time photographing this wonderful family, we went to the Cape Coral yacht club , hoping for a wonderful sunset, but we had to settle for the clouds, the day before was a wonderful sunset , but we can't change nature, you go with the flo, the family had a great time doing this, they where very natural at this, this portrait was done for a 50th wedding anniversary.

Sam' Grandaughter

    Rylee Johnson

Rylee really likes flowers , so where ever there are flowers around, she collects them. These where taken at a peach farm in Bon Aire Ga during one of our visits there.


Sam's Grandson

Cal Johnson

Cal really wanted this peach , I do not blame him, they where wonderful, while we where in Ga. They where the best peaches I have ever had, not to mention the peach ice cream!! He did get the peach. He was not even three years old here, isn't he a cutie, look out girls, proud grandpa