Spring is here , Love Spring , was some what tired of the cold there for a while.

So happy that Spring is here, love Spring , new leaves on the trees and birds singing! It is so refreshing. I know that things are tough out there , but  I made a change in my life, with the support of God and family. I will be at the studio full time and I look forward in being there. Hope that things will change soon and everybody will be doing better.

In the meantime if you have any questions about photography please call me at the studio and Alena is here as well. If we can help in any way lets us know.

This July I'm planning on going to Washington DC, to see my grandkids and my son Ryan and Cal and I are going to New York to see Yankee stadium, yes I know, being a Red Sox fan it is difficult. But I love base ball , so I look at it as viewing a part of baseball history. We are hitting Cooperstown as well, can't wait for that.   Spring Training was wonderful got to  a few games, managed to spend some time with my friends in attempting to get autographs, did OK.

Well if you have a comment please let us know and look forward in hearing from you, many blessing, Sam

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